3 Ways To Merge Paid Advertising and SEO For Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

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When it comes to marketing online and internet dominance there are two routes businesses can take; it is either you take the SEO or Paid Advertising (PPC) route, right? Wrong! What is stopping you from taking both or better still weaving your own route and strategy that involves both PPC and SEO for digital marketing?

The number one touted reason why businesses often choose one or the other is ‘budget’, and this makes absolute sense, every business must plan according to their budget. However, the question becomes, why is your budget so limited? Perhaps you don’t have enough dollars coming in and so you cannot budget too many marketing dollars.

What if combining Pay Per Click (PPC) and SEO has a powerful influence on your bottom line and will bring far more customers streaming in, will you consider merging the two? I bet you will. Every good business person knows when to take an intelligent business risk/investment.

I will share with you some crucial reasons why this is a worthwhile marketing strategy in a bit, but first, let us clear up the concept of PPC and SEO.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is basically an organic way of pushing your website to the top of Google’s search results for a particular keyword. So say a business wants to rank high for ‘hot water flasks’, they write content on their website infused with the keyword and write keyword phrase meta description, acquire inbound links to websites that rank for that keyword, and make sure their website speed is okay… gradually and I mean gradually they will rise to the top of the Google ranking for that keyword.

Research shows that it can take 18 months to 2 years for a good piece of content to rank among the top 3 in the search listings. So that is a long time, but disregarding SEO on this ground is a grave mistake because businesses must look at the long-term benefits of a strategy before deciding on it.

Consistent SEO efforts are often more burdensome and slow but in the end, ranking at the top of SERPs for your keyword is a gift that continues giving. Recent studies have shown that search results via SEO have 75% search volume as compared to the 25% that that PPC garners. Additionally, Some experiments have revealed that being ranked first in the SERPs can yield a stunning 55% CTR (Click through rate)!

Now that makes SEO sound really good, what is to be said for PPC then?

PPC or paid advertising gives you instant impact! This is the cutting edge that PPC offers and this is why small businesses find it to be a great strategy to kickstart their marketing. People know about you instantly and you can start getting some form of conversion straight out the gate.  

PPC refers to advertising that you acquire from Google, other search engines, and social media that places your ad visibly for people searching for your keyword. Google places these paid ads on top of the search listings, so it is like buying number 1 spot and paying only if it is clicked hence the name Pay-per-click (PPC). Amazing isn’t it? Now how do we combine both or more importantly, why should we? I’ll tell you.

1. Double Emphasis

A wise father once told his son, “Never say something important once” and he was right. Emphasis like repetition is a key strategy for successful digital marketing. Let us assume that you are already ranking top of the SERPs for your keyword via your efforts with SEO for digital marketing and you figure, there is no need for a PPC campaign, then it might interest you to know that while 17% of Google searchers will click on the first result, 10% will click on the second and 7 will click on the third.

If you use a well-tuned PPC strategy you can bid for the keywords you are already ranking top for and with that Paid advertising, you can become both the first and the second on the list and potentially even the third. That dramatically increases your chances to a 27% possibility and possibly a 32% possibility of clicks and conversions. Now that is marketing!

Check out Barney’s example below:

Barneys Example

We are sorry to see you go, Barney, you will remain forever in our hearts and closets.

2. PPC offers You Certain keywords For SEO

Whether you are already running PPC campaigns and no SEO or running SEO campaigns and wary of PPC, you need to be aware of this beautiful intersection between the two. This is where combining both of them becomes insightful.

SEO takes so much time and money that you wouldn’t want to waste so much time and resources trying to rank for an underperforming keyword. Neil Patel advises that, no matter how many keyword research tools we have to rely on, they have a tendency to behave weirdly. This leaves a lot of decision-making with regards to SEO to the intuition. What if you can make it quite certain?

Running PPC  ads for Keywords that you want to rank for is a perfect and inexpensive way to confirm the viability of your keywords. All you need is to monitor your website for a bit and note what keywords are doing well, then start SEO efforts on them. If the keywords do well via the PPC you gain, if they don’t (meaning the CTR is quite low), then you don’t pay much anyway. Its Pay per Click! Make sense? I bet it does.

3. Remarketing Campaigns

Marketing is good, re-marketing is great! It is all the ways in which you can mop up all the leads that fell through during marketing. If you have done a great job with SEO and rank fairly high up already and therefore attract decent traffic, it is still no guarantee that these potential leads will convert to customers.

There is always that number that takes a long time to make up their mind. For this group, you can run a kind of PPC ad called a ‘remarketing ad’. This means that you essentially ad space from a website in Google’s network to show them ads for those same items they searched for initially. This will remind them to come back to your site and complete the purchase.

The approach businesses should have towards SEO and PPC is to take SEO as their long-term marketing strategy and PPC as their short-term tool as well as their special tool for research and impact. This way you have built a well-rounded digital marketing strategy that propels you well on your way to market domination.

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