These 4 signs Will Tell You if you have Outgrown Your Web Hosting

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Web hosting used to be a much more Herculean task than it is today, but the massive democratization of the internet has made it available to everyone who has a desire for one at very minimal costs.

However, it is really easy to dismiss web hosting quality as no longer being as crucial as it used to be because the cost of web hosting has dropped so significantly.  It is also easy to assume that all providers deliver the same quality of services or just a few variations. In both cases, that assumption would be quite wrong. It is also not true that cheap options offer the best web hosting for small business.

Your choice of best web hosting is a crucial business decision and reflects much more on your bottom line than you are willing to admit. It may seem a rationale and prudent business decision to go for cheaper hosting, but you may also be loosing far more potential for profit than you are saving cost.

This is why knowing when to quit a hosting service and upgrade to a higher paying service may be the difference between thriving and just existing for your business.

Here are 5 ways you can tell if you need an upgrade

If Your Website Load Time is Lousy

According to MOZ, website page speed is, “a measurement of how fast the content on your web page loads.” This is pretty straightforward, but what this definition does not say is that your load time is a very key factor that contributes to your SEO and Google Ranking which contributes to your being visible on the internet.

More staggering is the fact that research has shown that over 40% of web visitors will abandon your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. You read me right, 3 seconds!! I know… there is a lot of ADD going around, but rather than complain about it, you should be optimizing your business to adapt to this reality.

Many Small Business Owners opt for shared hosting plans and this would serve you just fine if you anticipate an average 1000 visitors a day, but if your visitors start hitting the 2000 mark and above, a shared hosting plan would begin to see a great decrease in load time.

One area where you can get fast results is the type of web hosting you choose. By upgrading to either Solid State Drive (SSD) hosting or by switching to a Virtual Private Server (VPS) you can improve your load speed at a much less cost that it will take to overhaul your code.

One of the major things to do if your website has a high bounce rate and slower load times, as well as higher traffic…is to opt for an upgrade in Web hosting.

If You Are Looking To Scale And Pull In More Traffic

Shared hosting implies that your server is being used by hundreds of other businesses. It may be cheap, but it also offers you a huge conundrum that makes it hard to compete.

Every website is competing with thousands out there and if you find yourself on a server with your direct competition, and they are drawing in more visitors than you are, this means that they would likely use up the remaining bandwidth and RAM on the server making it even worse for you and making your website too slow to catch up with them. How then do you compete?

This means that the ‘noisiness’ or should I say productivity of your neighbors on the server directly impairs your ability to scale and grow.

Competition and business growth is not a means where you spend less amount to get the greatest result, it often implies spending more to get more.

So in the event that your business goals are upgraded to reach and serve more and more people than your website is currently serving, a goal to change to a higher paying web-hosting should also accompany that. The majority of these higher-paying sites offer the best web hosting for small business.

If Your Server’s IP Reputation is Bad

IP reputation is basically the way Google rates your server and it ultimately affects the way Google treats or ‘maltreats’ your server and IP. There are some tools like MXtoolbox with which you can monitor your IP reputation and find out if your IP is blacklisted.

Why on earth would your IP be blacklisted? Well if you have not been performing any underhanded business, it again comes down to your ‘neighbors’ on the server, what activities they engage in, and what tools they use.

They may be running insecure applications, out-of-date software, an out-of-date contact form, which can be exploited to send spam, or an out-of-date content management system (CMS), like WordPress or Joomla.

All these combine to reduce the reputation of a server IP and this would adversely affect your website ranking should you be on such a server. Protecting IP reputation often comes at a reasonable cost, hence the reason many hosts don’t pay for it, but the best web hosting services do so.

It may cost you a little more to upgrade, but the benefits are long-lasting and far-reaching.

If The Next Phase Of Your Business Requires More Exotic Tools

As you grow your business you may come to a place where you need to run software or versions of software that aren’t supported by shared hosting providers. If you are an e-commerce business for instance and you want to run a shopping cart software that runs only with the latest PHP version and your hosting service does not yet support this version, it may be the clearest pointer yet that you have outgrown their services.

It is also possible that your hosting service offers standard software that is way more sluggish than some of the options out there. If you are going for speed, again, it may be a clear pointer that you need to take your website elsewhere.

Web-hosting does not have only aesthetic value to a business. Its value is fundamental and goes a long way to determine how much influence your business has as well as how much money it makes. Here at Web Devotee, we are devoted to making sure that you are found and that when you are, you are set up to give your best.

Our Web Development Services are affordable and guaranteed to help you evade most of the pitfalls other online businesses fall into.

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