5 Common WordPress Beginner Mistakes Killing your Website

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The WordPress community is growing at a remarkable rate today than ever before. This open-source software currently powers over 35% of the web, and it is available in at least 196 languages across the world. If you just launched your website, the chances are that you are leveraging WordPress to achieve your blogging or business goals. To reap the most out of this tool, you should be careful to avoid the common beginner mistakes that are likely to kill your website. Read on to learn about the common WordPress mistakes and ways to mitigate them.

1. Selecting Unresponsive WordPress Themes

Many WordPress beginners struggle to choose the best themes that can appeal to their audience. Due to different reasons, they often opt for some of the free ones that look great but limit the functionality of their sites. Some of them also lack proper security features.

Many WordPress themes are great and can help you to meet your objectives. However, they are not created equal. If you choose one that reduces the speed of your side, you can record low search engine rankings.

Before you install any new theme, do your homework to be sure it has the desired quality. Read credible product reviews. If you are able to locate a lite or demo version, consider trying it out too.

These two methods are great ways of establishing the safety and quality of your themes. However, the perfect way is to use the WordPress ThemeCheck plugin. If your theme comes with third-party plugins, this tool can give you accurate information on the same.

Buying a theme that is coded by a single developer is the safest option. However, the others are also not necessarily bad, but you need to do in-depth research to be sure you are choosing the right one.

Overall, it is best to use responsive, premium WordPress themes that suit your targeted audience if you have no time to conduct extensive research.

2. Failing to Use an SEO Plugin

Organic traffic is essential for the success of your business. When you optimize your website for search, you increase your chances of attracting the right group of clients. Depending on the efficiency of your sales funnel, search engine traffic can empower you to convert most of your visitors and make more money than your competitors.

If you want to solve this mistake today, you can use All-in-one-SEO-pack, Easy WP SEO, or Yoast SEO. Remember that you have plenty of options, as you can see by visiting the WordPress plugin directory. The good news is that you are free to choose either free or premium SEO plugins, depending on your ability and needs.

3. Ignoring Regular Updates

Many beginners find it quite difficult to keep track of all the necessary updates. This is particularly true when their sites are working optimally. However, you must avoid this. It can cost you dearly and lead to the closure of your business.

WordPress releases advanced versions of the plugins and themes after every few weeks or months to protect you from the fraudulent activities of hackers. These criminals work hard to access and modify many sites. On the other hand, WordPress developers know their tactics and provide updates to ensure you remain safe.

Maintaining regular backups is also vital. If you do this, but you are still attacked, you are highly able to restore all the data successfully. You can use BackUp buddy and many others.

This should not be a problem because you can use free plugins to realize your goals. Alternatively, you can manually do this using your hosting server CPanel.

Be sure you change your user name to a unique one that hackers cannot guess with ease. Remove the “Admin” because they can manipulate it.

For the ordinary updates, you need them to fix bugs and security issues and bring new features.

4. Installing Too Many Plugins

Plugins are designed to help you achieve particular objectives online. However, they may also adversely affect your site’s speed. As such, only use essential ones. WordPress provides over 50,000 plugins. So, you have enough options.

If you install too many of them, you will not only experience performance issues but also spend an unnecessary amount of time to keep all of them updated. Online marketers are particularly concerned about the impact this can have on their sites’ ability to rank on Google and other engines. For that reason, carefully weigh your options before you install a new plugin to boost your ranking success and save a lot of your time and other resources.

Whenever you are in doubt regarding the performance of the plugins, resort to Plugin Performance Profiler. If some of your plugins are reducing the speed of your site, it can identify them. This tool is efficient for ensuring you diagnose the exact cause of the problem, given that different other elements can be responsible for the poor performance as well.

5. Ignoring to Build an Email List

If you want to make sales but fail to build an email list, you are making a big mistake. The truth is that you are online to engage with your audience for one reason or another, and that simply means you need to get their contacts. This is the only way to can reach them with relevant information and build trust.

Some beginners think this is a difficult thing to do. You can build a long list by asking your readers to sign up for free. The first step is to install Get Response or other similar tools that gives you the ability to collect the pieces of information. Next, offer some freebies as well to entice many of them to subscribe to your newsletters.


Do not make any WordPress mistakes, whether you are a beginner or not. Remember that there are others such as incorrectly deleting content, failing to delete default content, and checking website stats after every few minutes. The above are the most common, but all the errors have the potential of permanently killing your website.

Be safe from today by identifying the WordPress mistakes from the above list that you have made and follow the provided procedure to rectify them. Alternatively, hire an expert to do all this work for you. Do not wait until you start seeing worrying stats because it may be too late to act then.

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