5 Tips To Build a Future-Proof Website

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How can you make sure you are getting a futureproof website design? Can your website self-evolve and stand the test of the future? It is not enough to just build a website and hope for the best. Smart businesses and organizations know that when you set out to build an office complex, you make sure you have the right foundations, plumbing, air conditioning, and everything that will make the building relevant in the years to come. Web development is no different and websites are the closest you will ever come to real estate on the internet.  So what things should you be concerned about when setting out to build a website or when thinking about updating your site?

We will tell you in 5 simple points.

Simplicity Always Wins

When building your website it is important to keep in mind that simple is always better. One of the greatest turnoffs for your visitors is a busy or clustered website.

Steal a page from the book of juggernauts like Facebook, Apple, or Even Google. Their websites boast very simple interfaces, too simple some might argue, yet it gets the job done, and exceptionally I might add.

These days anyone can go to WordPress or Wix and create a website, but not everyone has a sense of the psychology of web design and how certain designs affect certain audiences. This is where professional Web development agencies such as Web Devotee comes in.

There is something inexplicably attractive about a simple website, but you need to make sure that the website is functional enough that it ticks all the boxes.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Code

It is usually advisable to build custom websites for your organization especially if you have a big vision that will require you to scale constantly and redesign.

However, overcomplicating your code is a recipe for disaster. Again, when it comes to code, simple and uncomplicated is always better.

The demands and needs of your customers will always keep changing and hence, so will your company and your website. You may also never have access to the same designers when you need to change, so it is often better to keep your codebase clean and simple. This is one surefire way to have future-proof website design done.

Encrypt Everything

Security is the singular most important way to preserve your website and keep it safe and functional for the future.

Recently Zoom was plunged into unprecedented limelight as their services become an essential service overnight when the Covid-19 pandemic hit. This also attracted unwanted attention to them and to their site.

It wasn’t long before we heard that over half a million Zoom accounts were hacked.   The point is, you should encrypt everything and more than that, obtain an SSL certificate for your business.

It is a two-way street, you might not need an SSL certificate if you don’t intend to grow into any relevance, but if you do you need one. Beyond an SSL certificate, you need someone on your web maintenance and security.

Contracting a Web development and maintenance team and procuring an SSL certificate might seem like a significant addition to your budget, but if you have pictured a great future for your organization, you need great security now. It is a worthwhile investment.

Get Obsessed With Data

it is quite shocking the number of businesses that aren’t the least bit concerned with the data and metrics of their own website. A copy-and-paste approach to growing a website very often fails in the long run.

Every business should learn to not just make business decisions based on offline business observations but to also learn to make data-driven decisions based on your website’s data.

You can utilize tools like Google Analytics and SEMrush to monitor your website. You can learn what demographic forms the largest portion of your customer base, what geographic areas, and what platforms customers access your site from, mobile, or desktop. Such valuable data will enable you to make decisions to optimize your website to better serve your customer base and optimize your site to suit them.

Ignoring data is the best way to moribund your website in a little time.

Align Your Touchpoints

According to Optimonk, A touchpoint is any interaction that might alter the way that your customer feels about your product, brand, business, or service. It can happen before, during, or after a purchase.

Many businesses that are into e-commerce or sales start with social media pages as a way to grab attention while leveraging one of the many big e-commerce platforms. They often make a huge mistake when they do get to set up their own websites and fail to align their touchpoints.

Let me explain a little further, a touchpoint maybe your PPC advertising, SEO guest posts, or any place or means where customers may interact with your brand. Every brand should have consistency in the tone of their copy, logo, graphics, use of color, and everything that makes up their ‘face’ online.

If your website fails to build on these essential touchpoints and align with them by creating similar touchpoints, you will end up confusing your customer base with your website. It has a great tendency to cause many to be disillusioned and to disconnect.

For instance, if people come to know you via social media where your copywriter uses loads of humor to grab attention, it stands to reason that your customer base is drawn to humor. If you build a website with a strict business atmosphere, your website is likely to bring negative effects to your clientele.

Most of these problems can easily be solved by contracting professional web developers and maintenance experts to be in charge of your website from the start, it may seem like a lot at first, but its benefits save you a truckload of dollars.

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