8 SEO Trends That Will Dominate the Digital Marketing Landscape in 2020

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SEO, which is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing, is the optimization of content not only for search engines but also for users. Thus knowing the SEO trends is a necessity for anyone looking to optimize their website.

According to Search Engine Land, companies will spend around $79 billion on SEO by 2020. There are several tactics and strategies involved in SEO, most of which have changed significantly over the years and will continue to change due to the advancement of science and technology.

Which makes you wonder — which SEO strategies, trends, and updates will rule 2020? And which ones will help you dominate the SERPs?

Below are eight major SEO trends you can expect to see in 2020

Search Intent Optimization

Gone are the days when stuffing your website with keywords was enough to make it rank on search engines. Nowadays, Google prioritizes the relevance of an article over the number of keywords you stuff the article with.

It aims to show users exactly what they are searching for and answer their queries as thoroughly as possible. Some helpful ways to optimize your website based on search intent include answering the relevant questions your readers are constantly asking.

Also, come up with answers to other questions they are likely to ask after reading your article. Try to do thorough research on each topic and create useful content that will offer solutions to your readers’ problems.

Mobile Compatibility

Another feature that Google prioritizes in SEO is Mobile-First Index. This simply means that Google uses the mobile version of a website to index that website and determine its ranking.

For this reason, website owners are usually advised to ensure that their websites are not only mobile-friendly but also customized with a responsive design. This should work on every device whether mobile or PC and for screens of all sizes.

Other important elements such as images, hyperlinks, page speed, and the load time of the website must also be optimized properly. This is because all these factors can tremendously boost or hinder your ranking.

Lengthy, Informative Content

Most SEO experts argue that lengthy articles have a greater chance of earning quality backlinks than relatively short articles. Truth be told, lengthy articles are usually comprehensive and more informative.

Most internet users today have the attention span of a goldfish. The moment a user decides that your website has failed to deliver the information he needs, he won’t hesitate to exit your website. The next thing is to go back to the SERPs to search for more relevant information.

When people frequently visit your website only to leave immediately or shortly after, the results are a high bounce rate which is bad for ranking.

This is exactly why Google recommends writing lengthy and detailed content. Users will be able to find all the information they want from a reliable source.

Voice Search Optimization is one of the known SEO trends

Long ago before smartphones came into existence, people searched for information by entering words into search boxes on their desktop computers and hitting the search button. This is what led to the relevance of keyword SEO.

However, with the advancement of technology, voice search is becoming a popular trend among internet users today. People often need concise answers while they are in the middle of a task, and voice searches are a much preferable option in this case.

The easiest way to optimize your website for voice search is by writing with a conversational style and in a language that most people understand.

You should also include specific keywords in your writing, and always ensure that the content you are providing is relevant to the needs of your readers.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is widely embraced in different sectors of the economy. It comes in handy for designing personalized experiences for consumers. Top tech companies are already leveraging it. Google has been relying on a learning algorithm to keep keyword-stuffing in check.

This tool can accurately predict customers’ needs and make provisions for them. The important thing is to integrate AI into your SEO strategy so that your business can enjoy all its perks.

Mobile Devices

The percentage of users that are conducting searches on PC and tablets will continue to drop. Mobile UX is set to influence search rankings. More people are investing in the latest smartphones with improved connectivity among other features.

Don’t just focus on having a mobile website – keep the interface clean and irresistible. This will enable you to reach a wider audience. Be deliberate about optimizing all pages and endeavor to create rich snippets.

Website Security

Google is determined to offer a safe and secure online experience. Prioritizing the security of users on websites is a timeless trend. This is essential to other parts of digital marketing.  There is a higher chance of online visitors boycotting your site if they notice that it’s not secure.

Most websites like these often have a higher bounce rate and will rank lower in the organic search listing. Securing your website starts with deploying the HTTPs protocol to establish an encrypted connection.

This will help to build trust, especially if you need to obtain information from your audience.

Influencer marketing is one of the SEO trends

Consumers are no longer relying on unverified claims from any random individual or brand. They tend to relate better with influencers than perusing marketing copy. Smart business owners have already included partnering with influencers in their 2020 marketing budget.

This will help them to attract more traffic and generate leads as they reach a broader audience. Another thing is that they are bound to get quality backlinks which are among Google’s top-ranking factors.

Collaborate with well-known influencers in your industry and give them an idea about the type of content you’re expecting.


SEO is a broad subject and one which is important to all business, regardless of their niche. The advancement of technology and the constantly changing user behavior will determine the number of SEO trends and updates that will be in vogue in 2020.

Nevertheless, the smartest way to stay ahead in SEO in 2020 and the years beyond is by keeping up with the times and embracing the updates as quickly as they come.

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