Common Misconceptions Business Owners Have About Website Design

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Someone once said that Entrepreneurs are like planes and Web developers are like wings, they need them to fly. This statement is not just true in this digital age, it is sacrosanct. The place and power of proper web development cannot be overstated. Actually, the decreased de-emphasis on the value of proper web design and web maintenance is one of the key reasons many smaller businesses are finding it really hard to compete with those at the top. Business owners treat small business website design as a necessary evil that should be dispensed with quickly so that they can focus on the ‘main part’ of their business. Well, you wouldn’t have much of a business left if you do not get web design right.

Here are 6 common misconceptions that business owners have about web design that has left them flustered, frustrated, or flat-out unproductive.

1. Their Vision of The Website Must be Accurately Reflected In The Design

It is a perfectly normal desire to want to dictate what every aspect of your business will look like, by the way, you own the business, right? Wrong!

This may be the case with product strategy and perhaps even marketing, but when it comes to web development, especially web design, this may not play out so well, unless you are an experienced web designer yourself.

The design of your website needs to be functional and every little thing from placement, shapes, and color combinations has a part to play in turning your visitors into paying customers.

It is best to make the designers understand their vision while trusting them with the structure and design.  This is why contracting deeply experienced web developers is key.

2. Web Design Is A Hit-And-Run Process

Business owners often contract web developers and say things like “I want to get this done and dusted so I can focus on running my business”. They presume that web design ends when the last code is written and the website becomes fully functional.

The fact is that just as much as you continue to evolve your marketing, products, and services, your web development is a going concern and is never really ‘done.

Medium and big players often have an around-the-clock web maintenance team on the ground to make sure their websites continue functioning optimally with fewer glitches.

There will always be a need to add more and more, security updates and fresh SEO content alone are issues you will have to continually invest in.

3. Web Design is Easy

This is another unsettling misconception that many business owners harbor. This has led them to contract the nearest person who claims to have web-design knowledge to design their company websites.

What you may require may be a ‘Simple’ website that is less complicated like ‘craigslist’ for instance, but you need to know that it only looks simple.

The work put into it is time-consuming and extremely complicated. The simpler it looks, the more difficult it was to create in most cases.

4. Web Design Requires Loads of Idea Input

The ideal way to build a website is to have a meeting alone with your web developers and share your vision for the website, then step aside and let them work.

Involving ideas from every staff member of having a round table conference around the idea, fussing around everything from database architecture to widgets will only get you confused and cause you to present your developers with an often ‘impossible’ design request.

See your web developers not just as contractors who execute your vision but as counselors who advise you on the best route to said execution.

If you do not shrug off your doctor’s counsel on your health, you shouldn’t shrug off your web developer’s counsel either, not comparing, just saying.

5. Web Development is Cheap

The amount of funds allocated to Web development in many company budgets is laughable. The reason behind the reasoning that Web development is cheap is because of the advent of templates and self-design services and free web-designing tools.

These services have tremendous value to bootstrapped startups and do aid small business website design for smaller businesses who have to deal with negligible traffic, but if you intend to grow or if you are an established business serious about your online presence, this wouldn’t cut it for long or at all.

It is best to treat your web development as a long-term investment. You need a reputable development and maintenance team that understands your business goals. Here at Web Devotee, we are focused on walking with you on your journey, manage your goals viz-a-viz your budget, and help you get the best solutions.

Investments cost a little more, but great investments also pay back handsomely in the end.

Your website is all about customer experience, creating touchpoints that glue customers and gently drive them along the funnel to conversion.

It’s a massive part of your business, maybe it is time you started treating it as such.

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