Create a Brand Identity that’s Unique and Memorable

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Regardless of your industry, you need to take vital steps to ensure that you create a brand identity that stands out. Your brand should leave a lasting impression. The brand identity represents who you are as a business, your core values and beliefs, and organizational culture. Your brand identity is your business’ personality and the promise you make to your customers.

Your product or the name of your business should always leave an impression on customers. By building your brand identity, you will ensure that the impression is good.

Here are the steps you need to take to create a brand identity that makes your business stand out:

Research your target audience and competition

Like any other business, the first step to creating a brand identity is to research. Find out what makes your potential customers like so that you can discover the best ways to capture their attention. For instance, you cannot target pregnant moms and teenage girls using the same brand identity. You also want to find out what they define as valuable in your kind of product.

If you sell bags, a teenage girl would want something fashionable. On the other hand, a pregnant mom would want something more functional. Weaving these aspects will go a long way in making your identity more memorable.

Create a brand identity with your business personality in mind

A business is a distinct entity from its owners, which means that it should have its own personality.’ Is your business based on depth and comfort, sassiness and style, or professional and curt? Whatever your business is about should come clear in its brand identity.

Design a logo that represents your brand

With the research on your target market, you can start to create a logo and select your theme colors. To create a brand identity that’s memorable, your logo must be remarkable. The logo will be on your marketing campaigns and business cards, regardless of your industry.

When designing your logo, ensure you have the following factors in mind:

Interesting and impactful: an example of an impactful logo is that of Coca-Cola or even that of McDonald’s. The mention of these international brands instantly brings their logos to mind almost instantly. Having a logo that is easy to remember will create familiarity among your clients and offer consistency.

Interesting and impactful

An example of an impactful logo is that of Coca-Cola and McDonald’s. The mention of these international brands instantly brings their logos to mind. Having a logo that’s easy to remember will create familiarity and offer consistency.

Color and type

Your logo should match your business personality and target market. If your audience is executive shoppers who wear suits and leather shoes for meetings, you cannot have colors like yellows, greens, and reds in your logo. You will not interest toddlers with colors such as greys and black either.

For relevancy, the color needs to match seamlessly and blend well as well. The font should remain constant at all times for consistency


A logo that can be manipulated but still offers consistency is key for success. This flexibility will allow your logo to deliver your message in magazines and campaigns.

Find the right language that connects with your audience 

To create a brand identity, consider the quality of your content and language. When you’re not actively marketing the business, your content speaks for you. If your content has the right language, the audience will, without a doubt, pay attention. When you’re targeting professionals, use proper and clear-cut language. If you want teens, get a social media influencer that they love.

Your message must also establish an emotional connection with your audience to ensure a more memorable brand.

Create a brand identity with no mixed messages

Your brand will fail if you keep providing mixed messages that confuse your customers. Stick to a single personality and strive to improve it without changing it too much.

Lack of consistency is a brand killer. Be sure to provide the same message both online and offline, regardless of the changes in your industry or market.

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