How Local SEO Can Help Your Business to Grow

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Do you own a business with an online presence? The most effective way to reach your targeted audience is by beating fierce competition. That’s what Local SEO can achieve for your business.

Making your brand irresistible isn’t a feat that you will achieve automatically. There are a set of strategies that help your business to easily rank in search engines such as Google. That’s SEO (search engine optimization).

Potential customers tend to rely on certain search keywords when searching for information or buying a product on the internet.

Customers are likely to click your link and buy from you if you optimize your website with the right keywords. That means your business can grow as more customers come your way.

This is just an overview.

Let’s demystify local SEO and how it can contribute to your business growth.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an intrinsic part of any digital marketing strategy. It’s slightly different from general SEO. Both have the power to increase your brand’s visibility. The main difference is that local SEO works best to amplify your business for local searches. That’s why it needs to be among your SEO strategies.

What does this even mean?

It means that you’re promoting your business in a way that it can reach people living in that particular locality. Such SEO strategies often involve searches with the zip code, state, city, and the ‘near me’ indexes.

When a person in a particular location searches for a service or business in that locality, Google picks up those indexes and uses them to present search results to users.

Why is local SEO important for my business?

Local SEO can contribute to bringing you more customers than you can get through other means in your location.

Since the rate of smartphone use is getting higher, Hubspot compiled some stats regarding people who have searched for business via their mobile devices.

The stats uncovered that 88% of smartphone owners have searched for a business online especially the ones in their locality. Around 61% of them will get in touch with a local business that is mobile friendly.

This data shows that local SEO is paramount for business growth because of the qualified leads it can drive to the business. The good thing is that these statistics will continue to grow as long as the SEO strategy is effective.

How does local SEO improve businesses?

When online visitors check for products or services in a locality, the response from the SERP was initially the seven top businesses related to their searches.

Those were coveted positions but since user demand has evolved, the displayed businesses are now 3, which are referred to as Google’s local 3-pack.

According to recent research, 45% of people who performed a local search will likely click on any of the businesses listed on the 3-pack and a meager 8% will check other results.

Most times, people find what they want in the 3-pack. It’s not surprising that nearly every brand is fighting for the spot as it means more traffic and revenue.

A solid SEO Strategy Allays Fear

The only way to get to that position is through local SEO.

You have to also understand that users are often skeptical when it comes to making decisions about buying from a business. They want to avoid wasting their time, money or even getting low-quality services by all means.

This is because a good number of them have fallen victim to scammers in the past. A solid local SEO strategy can allay their fears by presenting them with all the information they need about your business.

This knowledge will greatly influence their choice which will in most cases, be in your favor.

There are instances where some customers will want to book a hotel with free Wi-Fi in their locality. Your information will pop if you offer that type of service immediately the customer enters the relevant keywords.

When there is sufficient and relevant data about your business, a potential customer will be able to trust you more and build a long term relationship with your brand.

A website is important for SEO. You can get enough leads to help drive traffic to the business once you have access to data and leverage local SEO. Even so, you should try to design one as it will help you to scale faster in the long run.

How can I use local SEO to improve my business?

Now you’re aware of why local SEO is important for your business, how do you incorporate this concept to improve the visibility of your business to local customers?

Ensure that your address is uniform across all directories

For your business to pop up in local searches, it must have a uniform NAP (name, address, and phone number) across all directories. Failure to do this can hinder your business chances of featuring in Google’s local 3-pack.

In case you find it daunting to manually update your NAP, several online tools will come in handy for managing them.

Update your address

Make sure that you update your business address on Google My Business. This will enable your brand to appear in search results each time a user searches for similar business with the “near me” phrase.


Citations are your business getting a recommendation from another business. Citations often include business addresses and phone numbers.


Reviews also influence local SEO ranking to a great extent. The more reviews a business has, the greater the chances of being recognized.


According to the information above, local SEO has a role to play in making your business a force to be reckoned with. The better your local SEO strategy, the more your business is known, and the higher you will rank in search engines. You’re bound to increase your revenue over time.

Local SEO can help you to garner social proofs which may be in the form of likes, mentions, and reviews. It offers an inexpensive way to reach a targeted audience, and listing on local directories is far from rocket science.

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