Link building strategies: Powerful Link Building Campaign You Can Adapt

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Link building is critical for getting traffic to your website. Anyone who understands search engine optimization knows why it is of utmost importance. You need high-quality links, and sufficient numbers to have an impact. You must, however, pay attention to the Google algorithms; otherwise, you could face penalties. It also pays to take time to research what kind of website you would want to link to yours. We will explore some ultra-powerful link building strategies you can adopt in our article below.

Understand the Quality of Links You Need

Search engines such as Google have very clear criteria and guidelines of what you can and cannot do with regards to link building. You cannot, for example, use content from high-ranking sites to attract search engines to your website. While you can use the content, you must modify it accordingly and include fresh material as opposed to just copying and pasting.

You must also ensure that the quality of material from guest posts is of high quality and adds value to your audiences. You run the risk of penalties such as scrapping of content if you do not pay attention to the material you have.

When you share your content on other websites, make it different from what is on your site. Search engines may penalize you because they may be under the impression that you are copying content.  Using rel=canonical attributes in your HTML can help you avoid such a situation.  If you author any articles, publish them quickly before someone else publishes it elsewhere. Make sure you put the relevant mock-ups that show that you are the owner of the content.

Do not use doorway sites to bring traffic to your site. Doorways refer to several websites set up with the specific purpose of driving traffic to your website. You use different search strings or keyword phrases to link back to your site. It is an old technique, but Google does not view the practice favorably.

If you have an affiliate program, do not copy and paste content from the affiliate owner’s site. Make sure the quality is original, even if it means developing your own.

Ensure Your Links Are Relevant

There is no point in getting links from sites that have no relevance to your business. People come to your website because of a particular need, and whatever content you give them access to should be useful. Check that the sites you are linking to use keywords that are crucial to your business.

Focus on getting links from those who are in similar lines of business to yours. Even if they’re not, they should at least have a section that is dedicated to your line of business. Context also matters when looking at link building strategies.

Even if the websites you approach are not in your industry, they should have a blog post addressing something that is directly within your line. If, for example, your focus is on pets, the automotive industry may not necessarily provide quality links for you. However, if there is perhaps an article talking about traveling with pets, it could become relevant to your line.

Diversify Your Link Building Strategies

Do not box yourself in by finding one strategy that works and sticking strictly to it. The more you diversify your link building strategy, the better your ranking will be on the search engines.

You have so many options including:-

  • Creation of high-quality content
  • Citations and recommendations from high authority websites
  • High level of social proof due to how active you are on social media platforms
  • Content syndication on major websites

Guest blogging on industry sites

Focus On Brand-Building

Focusing on your brand building will increase the level of awareness amongst your target audiences. The more people see you as an authority, the easier it will be for you to get backlinks. People want to associate with strong brands, and that is why you will no longer struggle to get the right kind of links to your website.

While it is alright to watch what your competitors are doing, focus on building yourself. If, for example, you find that most of the competitors are on Instagram and Twitter, why should you join the clutter?

Instead, focus on coming up with strong campaigns on the other platforms. Try to be unique in your approach, and do not compete for keywords that your competitors are using. Using the same keywords will significantly reduce the probability of someone clicking on your website.

Use Anchor Texts Naturally 

Forget about stuffing your articles with keywords. Not only does it make the article hard to read, but Google will pick up on it. When using anchor texts, make it relevant to your website and let it blend in naturally with the rest of your article.

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Backlinks

If you’re a beginner, it can be tough to get links to your website. You can reach out to sites that have content similar to yours and ask for backlinks. You must, however, make sure that the content is relevant to your end-users. It is also an excellent way to build relationships. Do your research and check that the websites are worth linking to.

You may, for example, want to avoid competitor sites totally if you hope to succeed in your link building strategies.

Resurrect Your Dead Backlinks

You may have moved the location of your pages or migrated to another domain. You may then realize that you have some broken links. If they were portable links, you could recreate or redirect the link to another page on your website.

Final Thoughts

We have looked at some link building strategies you can adopt above. Focus on understanding the quality of the links you need so that you improve your rankings on the search engines. Also, make sure that they are relevant to the content on your website. You want to ensure that any links you have provide value to your audiences.

What you must remember is that not everything will be useful. Look at how trustworthy and authoritative the sites you are linking to are.

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