Quick Tips to Increase Landing Page Conversion Rates

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At this point, your site is up and running and enjoying a substantial amount of traffic. Your content and pages could receive humongous traffic, but your landing page conversion rate is not matching the numbers. Well, for any marketer, frustration kicks in when you are famous, but your numbers don’t match the fame. You might have done everything right in your eyes, and things don’t add up, but don’t despair; we’ll help you out.

There is a ton load of reasons why your page isn’t converting as much as it should. To rectify this, you, however, need to consider several aspects that will correct the errors and scale up your numbers. Conversion rates of pages can scale above 60%, but the question is, how do you achieve that? What’s the difference between highly converting pages and yours that is not? We’ll look into that in a bit.

How to Improve Landing Page Conversion Rate

Focus on a Specific Call to Action

It is advisable to have your visitors spoilt for choice on several calls to action options, but these compete for their attention and cause confusion. A confused user translates to indecisive actions. This only lead to further procrastination of steps that would have taken place if there were distinct and distinguishable choices.

Researchers have confirmed that the more the call to action options, the lower conversion rates a site gets. Focusing on one important CTA ensures you provide specified and well-detailed information that will solely resonate with your visitors’ needs or wants.

Create Visually Stimulating Pages

Humans are visual creatures. They are enchanted with what stands out in a clutter of words or piled up information. In the first few seconds, a visitor enters your site determines whether they scroll further down or just hit the ‘back and exit’ button. For this particular reason, it’s essential to incorporate stimulating multimedia to bring forth life in your landing page. Videos and pictures have proven to increase the landing page conversion rate of any site by up to 88%.

Spice up your sites and make them alluring and welcoming but don’t go overboard and make it a gallery. Just have clean and simple designs that reflect your problem solving and service abilities.

Have Minimal Texts on your Page

Too wordy landing page can be too tedious for the eye to peruse through leave alone reading in detail. Landing pages with a lot of words have fewer conversion rates. Research has shown that landing pages with less than 100 words have a conversion rate of 50% more as compared to other wordy sites. Still keep in mind that fewer words without substantial information won’t convert anything; instead, opt for value and precision as you maintain clarity.

Improve Page Loading Speeds.

A slow-loading page is a bummer and is an equivalent of a buffing video on any platform. Impatience will always be a factor to cut down on conversion rates because visitors will have a quicker option to switch. A user’s time is of the essence, and the faster you have their attention and engage them, the better it is for your landing page conversion rate.

Factors that might slow down the loading of your landing page are oversized images, videos, or any form of multimedia that is overdone on the page.

Providing an Authentic Proof of Value

Proof of value is what indeed shows what you stand for and the principles and standards you operate. It’s psychological that emotions move people, and in this bit, it’s case studies, social sharing buttons, and customer testimonial on how they feel after receiving your services. Feedback is always important because it provides other users with the benefit of the doubt that you have the expertise and poised for the task or services you offer.

When a user visits your page, such features act as proof that they can sign up with you or engage you. Pages with substantial evidence of value have shown higher conversion rates of 13% as compares to 11% on pages without.

Have Optimized Pages for Mobile Devices

With technological advancements, research has shown that 65% of people access the internet via mobile devices. Having an all-rounded website that covers all aspects of internet users will scale up your landing page conversion rates by ensuring you’re not missing out on humongous portions of traffic. Apart from making responsive and friendly sites, make sure that mobile websites are well streamlined and have tasks that are easy to complete.


With the digital problems, the above list has provided some of the solutions you need with small changes on your end. You’ll now enjoy quicker conversion rates.

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