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Our SEO services are comprehensive and guaranteed to yield results. We have something to offer everyone, from the struggling startup to the thriving brand, from the cash strapped beginner to the million dollar firm.

There are many routes to achieving and maintaining this goal, and it’s a good thing we are proficient in all of them; E-commerce SEO, SEO reseller programs, SEO for startups, and Content Strategies. We are here to serve you with that expertise.

SEO Services

Sales is all visibility, no one buys what they cannot see. In an internet that is agog with products and services, we can help you be found and stay visible, by helping you rank higher in the SERPs.
Our SEO services are guaranteed to boost the traffic to your store and keep you smiling to the bank regularly.

SEO Reseller

We have developed SEO reseller programs that you can take advantage of. With our Reseller programs we don’t just serve you, but we serve as your in-house SEO team. You can get satisfaction from our services while satisfying your customers as well. Sweet deal isn’t it?


We will be therefore you through the torrid beginning and hold your hands till you are sailing smooth. Our SEO services will boost Startup rankings, strengthen your domains and website trust levels within the shortest possible time. We will show you where the speedbumps are and how to navigate them.

SEO Services

Our network is comprehensive and far reaching and we can help you reach a global audience with your brand message with few measured steps. International appeal is attainable and we can show you how to hold that attention for the long run with our expert SEO guidance.

What You Get with Web Devotee’s SEO Services

More Traffic

You know you are doing something right when you have thousands checking you out everyday. Our Expert SEO guidance is guaranteed to make your website that...


More Leads

Having people check you out is no use if they don’t actually make the approach. At Web Devotee, our multi-faceted approach to SEO increases your chances...


More Revenue

The whole point of business is revenue and at Web Devotee we understand that more than most. Our SEO strategies are not tame attempts to get...


More Brand Awareness

Getting your brand name and message before the greatest number of eyeballs is not a mean feat, but at Web Devotee, we can guarantee you that...


More Business Growth

With increased brand awareness, sufficient traffic, lead generation and the attendant revenue generation, it is really hard seeing your business not grow. Our SEO strategies are...


More Trust And Authority

They say a good name is better than riches, but at Web Devotee, we want you to have both, the best of both worlds. Our Unique...


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Digital marketing expertise, particularly in the areas of SEO and social media marketing. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting.

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Our SEO Services Process


Client’s Goals

We are big on listening. We want to understand what your brand aims to achieve by approaching us. We find that our strategies have to be constantly refined in accordance to the specific needs of our clients.


Create Plan

The next step is to brood over your goals and create a plan that outlines the best and fastest route to achieving that goal. This often depends on your industry type, brand focus and budget amongst other things.


Website Audit

The next step in our process is a careful audit of your brand website, to reveal and understand the state of your user engagement, user experience, traffic, functionality, site health and website overall performance.

The results of this audit help us fine tune our plan to plug in the holes and fix the errors that may be stopping you from profiting maximally from your online presence.


Keyword & Market Research

Now that we have a plan all set, the first step to implementing it is undergoing a Keyword and market research to ascertain what keywords are relevant to your brand and what keywords you need to be ranking for.

Keywords are the channels for customers to find you, so it is important that we ensure your websites are ranking for the keywords your customers are searching for.


Competitive Analysis

The top performers in your industry are your competition and you can learn a thing or two from their strengths and weaknesses. Our Analysis of these websites and their metrics reveal where you are weak and should improve as relates your site ranking and also where they are slacking which you could take advantage of to stand out.


On-Page Implementation

Now that we know what is holding you back and what you are up against, we proceed to fix what is not optimized on your website. Our On-page implementation revamps your web page content, blog content and even stabilizes your HTML source code to ensure that your site is relevant and optimized to rank higher for your keywords.


Content Creation & Implementation

After we have optimized your website, it is time for some fresh content, blogs, newsletters, content for social media, press releases, we get to work on all the relevant content that is required to keep your site alive and attractive for business.


Digital PR & Link Building

At this point, you have a pretty great looking site, so we proceed to make sure you are in contact with the big boys and all other relevant sites to your industry. Our link building services gets you editorial links, guest post links, Authority links and all relevant mentions that give you that juice to boost your ranking growth exponentially.


Performance Tracking

Now we won’t let all our hard work together go to waste, we will be there watching and monitoring the process for as long as necessary, tweaking it along the way to ensure you remain profitable.

Success Stories

We have been using Web Devotee for around none months now. The team are excellecnt and sensitive to our business attributes.


Web Devotee’s team are a pleasure to work with, as well as being fast to respond and adapt to the needs of your brand.


Digital marketing expertise, particularly in the areas of SEO and social media marketing.Their team is knowledgeable, responsive & committed to supporting.


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No need to get into the hassles of designing your website, managing it, and paying an exorbitant amount to designers.

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When you opt for our services to design startup, business, or eCommerce website, rest assured that we are here to update it whenever you want.

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