The Ultimate Guide to Transparency in Display Advertising

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Opaqueness part of the history of display advertising from the era of ad networks several decades ago. Ad networks were the only intermediaries between publishers and advertisers, and this unique position allowed them to choose to be either transparent or obscure. Unfortunately, most of them opted for the latter and exploited marketers as much as they wanted.

However, the introduction of online bidding, programmatic advertising, and other forms of innovation helped to change this in some way. However, more still needs to be done. For you to be able to learn how to improve transparency in advertising today, here is all that you need to know.

What Is Display Advertising?

When great copy alone does not help you to reach your targeted audience, you need to embrace display advertising. In this case, you create digital ads that incorporate at least two of the following:

  • Audio
  • Flash media
  • Graphics or photos
  • Short video clips
  • Text
What is Driving Transparency in the Display Marketing Industry

Here are the things that are pushing the display advertising industry to embrace transparency.

Need for Positive Brand Image

Brands want to maintain the most appealing image to encourage consumers to associate with them, be loyal, and make purchases. For them to achieve this objective, they are ready to pay the cost of ensuring their ads appear alongside valuable and trustworthy content.

Studies have shown that the majority of consumers put a lot of premium on the reputation of the brands that sell to them. According to a recent CMO Council study, 78% of brands hold that their association with inappropriate content is a major reason behind their declining success.

Demand for Enhanced Data Security

Consumers are also demanding for an incredible level of transparency on the way the big industry players are using their data. Many governments across the world have listened to this call and enacted laws to ensure they use ethical means to access the information and protect it. Despite this effort, millions of consumers still do not want to trust the brands with their data.

Quest for Recognition in the Industry: Agencies and businesses that are involved in the display advertising supply chain want to be seen as reliable professionals. Brands that abide by the manifesto of the World Federation of Advertisers and other federations get lucrative prices and awards. This encourages them to keep doing the right thing.

The True Path to Transparency

From the figures above, there is no doubt the quest for transparency in display advertising remains just that. Marketers and consumers are still demanding more because they do not trust agencies that handle their personal information. All the stakeholders need to improve in one way or another to mitigate distrust. Here are four ways to get started.

Create Transparent Agreements

Digital marketing agencies need to lay out their terms, conditions, and expectations in their agreements before the work begins. The contract needs to address the role of both direct and indirect partners. This way, the industry is able to prevent corrupt practices that often emerge during contract reevaluation.

Build Relationships

These agencies also often focus on conducting transactions at the expense of building viable business relationships. This makes it impossible for them to understand the needs of their clients. In the end, they fail to get loyal customers and try to use shortcuts to make money.

When agencies deal with clients that they know well, they are more likely to embrace the habit of disclosing all the required information.

Align Incentives

The traditional methods of advertisement required clients to pay in advance without putting into consideration their ROI. Whenever this happened, the companies were not able to see the impact on their business, and that fostered suspicion.

The same practice still thrives.

The best model that agencies need to adopt is to pay for excellence. Otherwise, commitment to transparency without this may never yield results.

Rely on Effective Marketing Methods

Trial-and-error often does not work. A great way to ensure clients get value for money is to use the approved marketing methods. They are less risky.

Credible Display Advertising Methods

Google Display Advertising

When you hear about Google display ads, note that it is referring to adverts that marketers or agencies launch through Adwords network. Presently, over 2 million sites and 650,000 apps participate in this Google program.

If you are a business owner and want Google to host your display ads, you should sign up for AdWords. After that, use the ad gallery to create your ads. Lastly, upload your images and format text. Google will ensure your targeted audience views your display ads as often as you want and can afford it.

What happens if you want to earn from other businesses for promoting their products or services? Enroll in Google Adsense and ask Google to approve your site.

If you create quality content and your site is family-friendly, you are highly likely to be approved within a short time. Take the publisher ID and insert it in WordPress templates or use HTML to create your unique display ads.

Mobile Display Advertising

These are advertisements that show on different mobile devices, such as netbooks, tablets, eReaders, Smartphones, and iPods.

Whenever you check the weather, I trust you always notice these ads. The process of using this form of display ads is similar to that for desktop advertisements.

Programmatic Display Ads

This type of advertising involves only displaying targeted ads at specific moments. It recognizes the essence of timing in influencing consumers. Pragmatic advertising uses the detailed information of the targeted demographics to create for them the ideal experience.

If you want to conduct this type of marketing, you can try AdWords automated bidding. It analyzes the shopping behavior and your targeted audience and shows them the advert when they are looking for one.

Targeted Display Advertising

These adverts are the same as programmatic advertisements. They use the same approach of gathering essential data about the people who view your adverts.

As an advertiser, you are able to use Google Display Network to reach out to several websites. Here, all you need to do is set a budget that accurately matches your goal. Amazon uses the same technique. It sends emails about products that one recently viewed to remind them to make a purchase decision.


Everybody desires to express their marketing messages effectively, but only a few people know how to do it right. Instead of relying on text only, these informed individuals are turning to display advertising. If you want to succeed in this new marketing game, ensure you use one of the credible types of advertising. However, do not forget the appropriate brand safety measures since you need to safeguard the image of your brand.

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