Tools for SEO Competitive Analysis

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Online ventures face a lot of challenges. Most of them affect a brand’s workability and ability to stay relevant and competitive. If you’re tired of constant losses to your competitors, it’s high time your brand went through an SEO competitive analysis to ascertain the cause and remedy for the mishaps.

This competitive analysis highlights the most crucial SEO metrics of your competitors and what they are doing and why. Knowing your competition and having the upper hand on their weakness is the only way to stay ahead of the game in digital marketing. It helps enhance your SEO strategies to skyrocket traffic into your website by providing what others lack. The benefits are:

  • Find the strengths of your competitors and craft a similar or a more robust approach in the market.
  • Understand what SEO strategies to prioritize and to what intensity.
  • Find your competitor’s weaknesses and build your strengths around them.
  • Learn what is beneficial to your brand as well as what isn’t.
  • Study backlink growth and how to enhance it

There’re a lot of SEO tools that can aid in every way possible. These monitor your website operations as well as those of your competitors.

The Best SEO Competitive Analysis Tools


These are tools specially created to monitor traffic. It tracks global traffic for your website and your competitors. It helps gain enough information from your rivals and help in turning it to your advantage. It’s a spyware that collects data on backlinks, keywords used, and traffic into websites. This tool is a must-have because it helps you make a direct comparison of sites and gives the crucial and essential data on rankings and international relevance.


This tool tracks important trends in social media platforms. With a combination of the consumer to brand real-time relations, it helps outline the trending content and their popularity. If you possess social intelligence, it’s easier to pay attention to authoritative content and influencers hence results in successful campaigns.

SE Ranking

This tool helps you track your rank among your global or regional competitors. It provides detailed data concerning operations, traffic, and website visibility that your competitors are carrying out to have them at their ranking spots. This tool helps you zero in on specific competitors and get more information about them.


It is one of the most potent SEO competitive analysis tools. It gives you a loop into your competitors’ keywords in both AdWords and organic search and even compiles related keywords involved. To receive an overall view of your competitors’ strategies, you need to add your competitors’ keywords. This tool quickly gets keywords that your rivals are targeting.

Monitor Backlinks

Relatively new to the market, this tool helps you track your competitors’ backlinks, sieve out poor or negative ones and provide quality and substantial links. It helps in growing your link building strategy, get quality links from your rivals, and create effective link bait content. It also estimates the traffic increase depending on keyword efforts and positioning to boost substantial backlinks to specific websites. The tool helps you get a new link from your competitors and build a marketing strategy around them.


It is a multifunctional tool essential in the advertising industry. This tool enables you to know which ads are running top brands and different websites. It provides a proper analysis of the nature of ads running in terms of size, content, and places and as well shows you where to put your ads. This tool only requires you to key in the name of the competitors’ brand you’re spying on and you’ll receive a report of the ads they are running.


Quantcast helps you get your target audience’s insights through a detailed report on interest affinities, conversion levels, demographics, lifestyle, and websites. This tool gives essential information on what your audience requires and a clear understanding of what they like. It also helps you enhance your marketing strategies and plans which in returns makes media campaigning more effective


The SpyOnWeb being the most accessible SEO competitive analysis tool helps you figure out which websites accounts have the same owner. It gives all information RELATED to the entries on a single page which is from resources available to the public.


If it seems hard to find a suitable tool, you can always consult on the importance and what SEO comprises of tech-savvy advisers or tries out the free trials to evaluate their services and pick the one best suited for you.

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